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Do you sing off key?

Music students start a day with ‘Ear Training Class’ in the morning at music colleges & universities. Great musicians have excellent ears. The reason of singing off key is nothing to do with your vocal folds or thoracic diaphragm, or any other parts of your body/instrument but it is to do with your ears that is in charge of your listening ability. The reason you are singing off key is that 'your ears are not trained well yet'.     So what is the solution for this problem? Learning to play piano can be very helpful because piano has definite pitch. Musical keyboards are laid out horizontally, so you can easily see what you are playing and by playing it...

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Difference between Vocal Ranges and Vocal Types

What is the difference between Vocal Ranges and Vocal Types? Vocal Range: the distance between your highest note and the lowest note Vocal Type: a specific kind of voice that has common characteristics and qualities such as vocal range, vocal registration, vocal weight, vocal tessitura(best range), timbre, vocal transition points between the vocal registers, vocal register, etc. As you have a specific clothing size that fits your body type, you also have a range that fits your voice type. You probably saw a pitch control that changes keys at karaoke before. You won't look so great in wrong size clothing and this is the same in singing as well. So let's figure out your range(the distance between the highest and...

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Music is a Powerful Therapy

This quote of Plato has been in my daily schedule book for years. This is my personal story how music helped me heal my soul. Music is a powerful therapy.- Music heals your mind & soul. Every family has bright side and also dark side as every human being. When I was a young child, my father lived abroad for years and came home regularly to visit. When my mother was a young girl, she was severely abused physically emotionally and mentally by her step mother. Unfortunately she abused her daughters(me & my sisters) as her step mother did to her. Being raised by a mother who beat & abused her children physically verbally emotionally pushed me over the edge...

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