Music is a Powerful Therapy

Music is a Powerful Therapy

This quote of Plato has been in my daily schedule book for years. This is my personal story how music helped me heal my soul.

Music is a powerful therapy.- Music heals your mind & soul.

Every family has bright side and also dark side as every human being. When I was a young child, my father lived abroad for years and came home regularly to visit. When my mother was a young girl, she was severely abused physically emotionally and mentally by her step mother. Unfortunately she abused her daughters(me & my sisters) as her step mother did to her. Being raised by a mother who beat & abused her children physically verbally emotionally pushed me over the edge of insanity and I needed a place to vent out my anger and sadness somehow.

Being beaten was usual thing not only at home but also at school. - I attended middle and high schools in South Korea and teachers were allowed to hit students. This sounds mad but it’s normal there. - A stick to hit children is called as the stick of love. What a brutal senseless inhuman way to raise children . . .

Then when I turned 10 years old, I discovered heavy metal & hard rock music! It was 80’s through 90’s and listening to these powerful music was such a great way to release my stress & rage and to heal my inner wound.

I loved the boldness and directness in heavy metal & hard rock music and they were representing my anger and frustration which had accumulated for decades inside of me. After finishing high school and entering a University I started to play heavy metal, hard rock & jazz music in several bands. I remember coming home late from rehearsals and my father was fuming and furious about the kind of music I was playing. He smashed all my music records with a hammer the very next day but nothing could stop me from venting out my accumulated inner turmoil and anger at that time. Now I realize that playing music was the healing process for my damaged soul. I was trying to survive. And music surely helped me be sane.

One of my sisters ended up trying to suicide from depression because she didn’t find a way to release her anger & torment by her own mother’s abuse for years as I fortunately did. She has been working with a therapist and she has improved a lot now, so I’m very thankful for that.

So this was the brief version of my personal story and YES, music uplifts us, soothes us, inspires us and heals us. We are attracted to the music that has similar frequencies and energies. When we are happy, we are attracted to hopeful uplifting music that compliments our good mood, and on the other hand when we are sad, we are drawn to melancholy, mournful songs that go with our bad mood. We feel supported, understood by the music that has similar feelings as if music has deep powerful empathy for us. Music can offer you emotional support, and can be an outlet for expressing your feelings & emotions. On top of just listening to music, playing music or singing has tremendously powerful effects on your mind & body. Music is a therapy! Whatever you are going through in life, sing, play or listen to the music that suits your emotional state.

Take just 10 minutes in a comfortable spot. Listen, sing or play the song you love. You will feel better much better. Release your burdens & stress and heal the wounds of your heart & soul.

In the next article I'll talk about 'Difference between Vocal Ranges and Vocal Types'~

Cheers to you, Hun!

Sending You Much Love XOXO, Sunghee

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