Online Group Singing Classes

Join our 'Online Group Singing Classes' on Saturdays 2 PM!

Group Singing Piano Classes Online via Skype

Book your online group singing lessons! Reserve your seat for group lessons via Zoom at your own place for a lower cost than private lessons.

It’s Fun, Exciting & Interactive.

We’ll sing together as a group & also individually.

In this group singing lessons you will be learning,

[1] How to breathe for singing with using your diaphragm

[2] How to sing on key

[3] How to expand your vocal range

[4] How to sing high notes naturally

[5] How to conquer stage fright

[6] How to prepare auditions & competitions

[7] How to sing with power

 & much More


Make friends & have Fun Singing with us!

Singing classes are held at 2 pm on Saturdays.

You can register(monthly payment for 4 weeks) minimum 72 hours before a class.

You'll get 55% OFF for your very 1st lesson!

Bring a friend & you'll get one lesson 'FREE' as a gift!

Please feel free to Contact me for more info~

Cheers, Hun!

XOXO, Sunghee

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Group Singing Piano Classes Online via Skype

Sunghee Group Singing Piano Classes Online via Skype

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