Sip water while singing.

Sip water while singing.1

Always sip water while you are singing to moisturize your vocal folds and to prevent any vocal injuries.

During singing you are required to take a quick breath after each sentence to prepare to sing the next sentence. Through out the continuous repetitive inhalation & exhalation, air constantly travels though the mouth, so your throat & vocal folds get dried up very quickly. So water works as lubricant that makes your throat muscle more relaxed and helps you gain strength since water is an important part of building muscles by expanding cells and decreasing protein breakdown.

This tip may sound so simple but it has a significant effect on your body & vocal folds, so drink water slowly by taking small amounts down to your throat when you sing.

Sip water while singing.2-Glass of Water

In the next lesson we'll talk about 'Lemon, Ginger, Chamomile tea is great for Singers'~

Happy Singing and Playing the Piano, Hun!

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