Do I require a talent to learn piano or to learn singing?

Do I require a talent to learn piano or to learn singing?

I remember the very first day I started my piano lessons and I was 6 years old.

Me and my younger sister(she was only 4 years old!) were brought to a piano lesson one spring day and I still remember the feeling of curiosity, wonder, excitement and also a little resistance to learn something new.
I also remember the frustration I had when my tiny fingers were not satisfying my desire to play faster and stronger.
It turned out that my younger sister was so much better than me in playing piano even though she was 2 years younger!
So she entered several competitions that I was not even qualified to apply.
As we grew older, her heart was not in music, so she quit and I continued to play and sing and now I play music professionally!
And now I’m a lot more experienced and skilled pianist than her.

From my own experience what it counts the most in accomplishing your goals is your Passion, Persistence, Commitment, Efforts and Time that you put into it rather than natural born gifts or talents.

Yes, having talents and gifts may help you to get to your goals easier though without consistently putting efforts and time to cultivate & improve them, you are expecting climbing a mountain Everest in your sleep. And as time goes by talents and gifts slowly fade away.
If you leave a diamond in the ground and do nothing with it, it's just an another stone.

Do you have passion for Singing or/and Piano and want to explore your potential & discover your passion?
Just Go For It, Hun!

In the next article I'll talk about '10 Benefits of Music'~

Big Hugss & Blessings XOXO, Sunghee

Do I require a talent to learn piano or to learn singing?

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