10 Benefits of Music

Music Heals.

There are endless benefits of music! And here I would like to share '10 Benefits of Music' with you...
1. Music helps you express yourself.
: There are many types of music all over the world and music is an expression of human emotions. Through music & songs we express our feelings such as passion, desire, love, excitement, joy as well as sadness, heartbreak, grief, disappointment, frustration, anger, aggression etc.
By listening to songs or playing musical instruments or singing songs, you can share and celebrate your positive emotions or get the negative emotions off your chest, heart and mind.
2. Music helps you release stress and make you feel better.
: Often we pile up unexpressed emotions(good or bad) inside of us and they can cause negative effects on our inner well-being. Lingering resentment, unspoken hurt, unresolved conflict and even unexpressed love or gratitude can make us sick mentally emotionally even physically.
By indulging deeply into songs by listening, singing or playing musical instruments you can express your feelings and emotions and this can really help you take the weight of the world off your shoulders.
3. Music helps improve self-esteem & confidence.
: Because music is a tool to express yourself and it offers you an opportunity to perform in front of others. And this helps you build a muscle to face your fear and by doing this repeatedly, you gain great confidence in yourself. In other words without self-esteem & confidence performing in public can be a really anxious and nerve racking experience.
4. Music helps children improve academic capacities, communication skills, community recognition, self-expression as well as confidence.
: Lots of studies & researches have been done regards to the relationship between brain development and playing music especially before the age of seven in children. The studies show that playing music can change brain functions & structures which improves multi-sensory motor skills, verbal skills & cognitive abilities, and also help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD).

Lean On Music.

5. Music keeps adult’s brain active & healthy.
: Studies are showing that playing or listening to music stimulates and keeps adult brain young, active & healthy. Music can help people who especially experienced brain injury or brain damage recover fully or partially by developing rhythmic, melodic memories and nervous system.
6. Music increase your happiness.
: By listening to upbeat positive songs in major keys boosts your happiness by causing your brain to produce dopamine that is a feel good neurotransmitter.
7. Music helps you learn discipline, perseverance & patience through practising unfamiliar songs many times repeatedly until it sounds great~!
8. Music improves coordination between your brain, eyes and both hands.
9. Music enhances your focus by multi-tasking many different components such as rhythms, melodies, tempo, dynamics etc. all together all at once.
10. Music improves your listening skill.
: In order to play you need to listen very attentively especially when you perform with other musicians to create harmony. So whenever you find yourself in a bad or good mood, sing your heart out or play a musical instrument like piano, guitar, harmonica, flute or just listen to the songs that match your mood and I bet you’ll feel so much better!
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Huge Support & Much Love XXOO, Sunghee

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