Studio Group Singing Piano Classes

No previous experiences are required, but 'Passion' & 'Love' for singing/music is necessary!

For Singing you'll be learning,

It'll be so much FUN & these are the things you'll be learning.

[1] How to breathe efficiently for singing using your diaphragm

[2] How to sing more Naturally with Ease

[3] Sing with more Power without straining your vocal folds

[4] How to cope with stage fright

[5] How to sing Harmony

[6] How to Enjoy singing without tension & fear

[7] How to hold a note

[8] How to read music

& much more . . .

For Piano you'll be learning,

[1] How to play by ear

[2] How to sight read music

[3] How to read musical symbols

[4] How to play chords & scales

[5] How to improvise

[6] How to manage stage fright

[7] How to accompany yourself & others

[8] How to write songs

& much more . . .


Group lesson are less costly than private lessons.(Voice, Vocal)

'Make friends & enjoy singing with us!'

Please check out 'Train with me' page here also.

Group Singing Piano Studio Classes

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