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Hi, lovely!
Are you too shy and afraid of singing in front of others?
Are you even feeling intimidated and anxious talking to someone?
Do you sing off key?
Does your throat feel strained and closed when you sing high notes?
Is your voice lacking power? Do you want to have great power in your voice?
Do you feel embarrassed singing at the Karaoke?
Have you always wanted to learn to sing but has little time to travel?
Or do you just wanna explore singing?
Are you dissatisfied with your slow reading on piano?
Do you feel frustrated reading notes exactly on the music sheet?
Do you feel too controlled by classical method?
Do you feel limited in expressing yourself on piano?
Are you struggling to improvise on keyboard?
Have you always wanted to learn to play piano but has little time to travel?
Or do you just wanna explore playing piano?
I understand how you feel because I was there and I experienced those frustrating feelings...
I remember when I was a young girl, I was a very introverted shy girl I even struggled to speak up. I felt my heart beating was going fast with a chocking feeling in my throat as I having conversations with others. Singing or playing piano in front of others scared me to my core. If I could, I wanted to run away from the stage and somehow escape from singing or playing piano in front of people.
I remember I got really bored and frustrated by trying to play classical songs perfectly & exactly as they were written on the music sheets. There was no room to play the way I wanted or add my ideas and I did not like the feeling of being controlled without any freedom to express own ideas.
However my Darling, here is great news for you.
You Can have open and natural voice.
You Can belt out high notes with power.
You Can sing on key.
You Can feel free and easy in your throat as you sing high notes.
You Can expand your range.
You Can feel great & confident on a stage.
You Can make your voice so much better than now.
You Can learn to sing in the comfort of your own home.
You Can read music faster and more accurately.
You Can play the way you want.
You Can express yourself and add your own unique sound.
You Can have freedom and creativity on piano.
You Can improvise more easily.
You Can learn to play piano in the comfort of your own home.
This blog is written for you if you want to open and free your voice and gain confidence on a stage and be able to sing and express yourself with joy & excitement not with fear nor anxiety.
This blog is also perfect for you if you want to express yourself freely and create your own individual sound by learning contemporary method and techniques with the foundation of classical method on piano.
Want to get started right away?
Fantastic! So Happy to have you in this journey with me!
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In this blog you will find,
- How your body works as an instrument
- The three major parts you should know(the Holy trinity) as a singer
- How to sing on key
- Why correct breathing is so important in singing?
- Great vocal warm-ups and exercises
- How to take care of your voice to prevent vocal injuries & disorders
- Numerous benefits of singing
    - How to read music quickly & accurately on piano
    - The three qualities of every great pianist has
    - How to learn popular songs quickly on keyboard
    - Fundamental music theory
    - Correct body posture, hand position for pianists
    - Impact & importance of playing music for your brain
    - Many benefits of playing piano
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      Would you like to know about me?
      About - Singing and Piano Lessons
      Hi, my name is Sunghee Stepak and I live in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada with my lovely husband, Neil.
      I like listening to music, playing piano, singing, making delicious vegetable and fruit dishes, making homemade soap from the scratch, stretching & exercising, dancing, watching documentary movies, reading self-help books & biographies.
      I like all kinds of music including pop, heavy rock, bluegrass, old time songs especially 50s, folk, jazz, gospel, country, classical, new age, R&B, etc.
      About Sunghee Singing and Piano Lessons

      You can read My Life Story to get to know me personally here~
      I am So Happy and Thankful to have you here.
      I strongly believe in the power of music and numerous studies from many scientists have reported countless benefits of singing & playing music. I feel that my mission is to spread the beauty and the power of music to this world. I will be most honored to guide & coach you in this journey of creating something healing, creative & beautiful.
      I am fairly new to blogging and I still struggle and have a lot to learn to be a better teacher and blogger but we can move forward in this journey together 'With You' to make things happen!
      Sending Big Hugss to you, Hun!
      Much Love XXOO, Sunghee

      Sunghee Stepak is a singing piano instructor with 27 years of teaching experiences. She taught more than thousand of students in private and group classes.
      She sang and played piano singe the age of 6, she played music in various rock & jazz bands. She studied Music at Selkirk College and Capilano University, BC, Canada and has performed at many festivals including the Moscow, Idaho International Jazz Festival & TD Victoria International Festival.
      She has taught at University of Victoria, Cedar Hill Community Centre, David-Cameron Elementary School, False Creek Community Centre, Fernwood Community Centre, Juan de Fuca Community Centre, Monterey Community Centre, Roundhouse and Coal Harbour Community Centres, Westmont Elementary School in Victoria & Vancouver, BC and James Bell Community School in Toronto, ON Canada.
      She offers one on one private coaching via video calls on Skype and currently building Singing & Piano Video Courses.


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