My Life Story – Part 4

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How Can You Benefit From My Story?

 My Life Story – Part 4-1 Singing and Piano Lessons

I have been teaching for 27 years now and I am still studying, learning, performing, recording and teaching how to sing and play piano. I have taken numerous lessons and courses at colleges, have read many books & online resources and have watched a lot of videos related to singing and piano. I had many music teachers and some of them have had a big influence on me.

However the complete structure & method of my teaching came from my life experiences of teaching students and learning on my own by reading, researching & teaching experience of figuring out how the body woks as an instrument, how to use the body to have power, clarity, great pitch, an open and rich tone, a wide range, etc.

I wanted to find out the ways to sing high notes powerfully with an open natural tone without straining vocal folds. All the studies and researches that I did led me to get the whole picture and to understand how voice works as a whole not as separate parts.
There are always a lot more to learn to grow personally and professionally and I will be always learning and researching to be a better person, wife, gardener, soaper, vlogger, blogger, teacher, singer and pianist.

This journey has helped me and my students have correct information to improve faster in a deeper level. Because of this process that I've gone through, now I am definitely a more confident singer, pianist and music teacher.

I feel very fortunate to experience this journey as a singer, pianist and teacher. I am proud of the knowledge & systems that I'm offering you which integrate all aspects of vocalization and playing piano and regardless of your level and experience I am confident that you will find some solutions to your problems by working with my step by step guides.
Both singing and piano requires different techniques in order to solve your specific issue that you are going through.

You may feel lost and frustrated because of not having the voice or the piano skills that you want¦ For singing the cause of problem can be pitch, power, clarity, ranges, tone qualities, high notes, etc. Or maybe you just want to explore singing! For piano it can be improvisation, reading skills, speed, fluency, expressions, etc. Or maybe you just want to explore playing piano!

Whatever your desires or goals are, I would be thrilled to share years of my experiences, knowledge, techniques, methods, and insights with you.

For singing this blog will offer free valuable knowledge based on the human anatomy & physiology for you to deeply understand how your voice is made with practical techniques that you can implement on a daily basis.
Your body is part of your instrument as a singer, and therefore learning and understanding to use it properly to minimize confusion and misunderstanding and also prevent any vocal injuries.

For piano this blog will offer free essential knowledge that you can use in your day to day practice with definitions, techniques, examples, tips, advice, etc. including very crucial fundamental music theories to quickly improve your piano skills.

So please read & study as many articles as you can to improve your singing and piano skills here. If you want, feel free to sign up for my Free Singing & Piano Email Course that will be delivered to your inbox once every or every other week.

Many articles came from my own stories & experiences and I really hope that these can help you become a better singer & pianist.

I am so thankful for the web technologies that enable us to connect personally and share valuable information together and I've been very much enjoying teaching Online Singing Piano lessons via Skype for over 7 1/2 years now.
With using Skype's free video calls students have been able to take lessons in their homes comfortably in a relaxed environment wherever they are in the world.

Next email course I will talk about 'How Your Voice Is Created'~...

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey together, and talk to you soon!

p.s.) Please feel free to speak up your mind, ask questions or leave a message below, Hun~

Love XOXO, Sunghee

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