My Life Story – Part 2

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How music rescued me from my own anger and rage caused by abuses

My Life Story Part 2, Singing and Piano Lessons

When I became a teenager, the anger and rage from emotional and physical abuses for years started to emerge. I started to listen to heavy metal and heavy rock songs and the power, anger, rage and pain expressed in those music made me feel understood and calmer. Listening to those powerful songs helped me vent out negative feelings indirectly and it was the perfect therapy for me at that time.

My Life Story Part 2, Singing and Piano Lessons


How I discovered the fundamental techniques for my coaching and what you will be learning in your singing lessons

I kept singing until I graduated high school. After starting University in South Korea I started playing keyboard and sang in many different heavy rock and jazz bands.
In 1993 I came to Canada to study contemporary music at Selkirk college in Nelson, BC and after that I also studied jazz at Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Singing My Life Story Part 2, Singing and Piano Lessons

I gained great knowledge and practical skills from music college and University though music schools were heavily focused on music theories, policies, exams and evaluations and forgot the essence and purposes about why we play music and how the songs were created in the first place. They seemed to forget the reasons for creating and playing music that are to express and deliver our feelings and emotions. Instead it was like battlefields of egos to figure out who plays and sings better .
I never even once heard anyone talked about how to express and deliver human emotions and feelings throughout songs in my entire school years.

However even after having all these music education I still was not sure the process of how the voice is created, how to expand voice range for high notes especially with power, how to be confident on a stage and how to find originality in my singing voice. No education on vocal physiology for singing at all.

In the year 2010 one evening I was practising a song, My Immortal by Evanescenc which was requested by one of my students and I was struggling to pull off high notes at the second chorus section. Unexpectedly I made a few adjustments and stumbled upon new techniques and my voice sounded effortless but powerful with 100% relaxed open feelings in my throat!

And definitely the biggest & most valuable lessons for me were from 23 years of teaching experience and working with my amazing students who have taught me to find my own fundamental techniques for my singing & piano coaching and courses.

We learn from real life experiences if we are open for improvement and willingness to get better.


How I came up with the fundamental structures for my coaching for piano and what you will be learning in your piano lessons

It's easy to get bored of playing the piano during learning period. Especially young children cannot sit still for a long time and even for adults it takes patience to practice the same song over and over again until it gets better.

Piano My Life Story Part 2, Singing and Piano Lessons

Yes, you can learn to play piano easier with more interesting and fun ways!

Learning online via Skype can help you-whether you are a beginner or an intermediate - learn and improve your piano skills steady & solid with saving time & effort to travel.

You can learn wherever you are in the comfort of your own place.

I combined sight reading and scales from classical method and chords and scales from contemporary method together. So you can have the best of the both worlds.
I will hold your hand and show you and guide you how to play numerous popular-and also several classical-songs on keyboard and you will be able to see clearly what keys I am playing on the piano using MIDI(musical instrument digital interface) & screen share.

For now you can start improving your singing or piano with my Free eGuide 10 Things You Can Start Doing Right Now To Improve Your Singing & Piano Skills here~

To be continued in Part 3...

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