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Singing and Piano Lessons Blog Mar 30 2020

Welcome to Singing And Piano Lessons!

Hi Gorgeous, how are you doing?

I am so thrilled that you have found my blog, Singing And Piano Lessons!

My name is Sunghee Stepak and this is my brand new blog that teaches you how to improve your singing voice & also piano skills.

I've been teaching singing and piano a little over 27 years now and I absolutely believe in the power of music especially Singing & Piano that can heal and help you become better, happier & healthier you.

I send out free e-mail course to guide you to improve your voice and piano skills.

First of all you may not know me very well yet so I would like to tell you a bit about myself to share my story, to share my journey and tell you how I improved my own voice and piano also how my core techniques and systems in my teachings can improve your voice & piano.

You can read My Life Story - Part 1 that includes how and why I became a musician and music teacher and why music education is so important to everyone and how you can benefit from my blog.

Stay tuned for the 2nd email course, where I'm going to talk about my life story.

I would love to get to know you, so please introduce yourself in the comments below and let me know your story, too!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, and I'll talk to you soon!

Much Love OOXX, Sunghee

To be continued in Part 1...

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