Private Singing Piano Lessons Online via Skype

Private Singing Piano Lessons Online via Skype

There are many benefits of Online Private Singing Piano Lessons.

- You get detailed information via virtual piano, PDF files, images, videos during lessons without having to travel at your comfortable home setting.

- You have close intimate interaction with me using full computer screens together.

- We can hear each other very closely through very sensitive microphones that are built in computers.

- You make faster progress with private lessons comparing to group lessons, because I'll be focusing on just one person, 'YOU'! I will help you maximize your strengths and also improve your weaknesses in your private lessons.

- I will personalize and customize lesson contents and materials to go with your pace and level.

- I will give you homework for you to work on, so you can make solid progress.

- With one to one coaching it's easier and quicker to build your self-esteem and confidence with positive reinforcement & encouraging feedback. Later on this will be the start of your successful musical performance for others.

- Since you and I will be the only participants in our private lessons, it's so much easier to fully focus and speed up the progress without anyone's interruptions.

 Private Singing Piano Lessons Online via Skype

You can check out Online Singing Piano Lessons page to learn more about it.

You will receive '55% Off on your very first initial trial lesson' & also 'Special Introductory Prices for the 1st 4 lessons of Weekly lessons' or 'the 1st 2 lessons of By-Weekly lessons'.

I offer 60 min., 45 min., 75 min., 90 min. & 30 min. lessons.

60 min. lessons are most common & popular.

On the 1st week of the month students pay for their lessons by Interac e-Transfer or Paypal.

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Please feel free to send me a message for questions, prices, scheduling or just sharing your story & experience about music via my Contact page.

Oh, also you're welcome to check out testimonials here as well~

Big Huge Cheers to You, Hun!

XOXO, Sunghee


Sunghee Private Singing Piano Lessons Online via Skype

Private Singing Piano Lessons Online via Skype 2

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